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By | December 6, 2016

Residence Certificate Online– Domicile Certificate is also known as Residence Certificate. As name says it all, it is proof of residence. It is issued by the Government to the its Citizen. It means Person bearing the name in certificate is residence of that respective state or district by which certificate is being issued. You can Download Application Form and also Check Status of your application from the official website of Concerned State Government. Individuals can Apply For Domicile Certificate using Offline and Online methods.

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Why do we need of Residence Certificate/Benefits-

Residence Certificate is required in following cases-

  1. For Proof of Residence- Residence Certificate states the place of residence of individual. Where a person is need to give the proof of residence, Domicile Certificate can be used. For Loan transactions, Residence Certificate is used for place of residence.
  2. In many Educational Institutions, seats are reserved according to domicile status of applicant. To avail that benefits, Domicile Certificate is required to produce.
  3. For recruitment in many organizations and in Government jobs, Residence Certificate is essential to prove eligibility that candidate belongs to respective area or while preference is given to local candidates.
  4. Institutions where different modalities are followed like Recession in fee for particular state or area, there residence certificate is required to enjoy such benefits.
  5. For recruitment in Army/ Para- Military Services.
  6. For Admission to various Sainik School.

Authority to Issue the Certificate-

Domicile Certificate is issued under the rules and regulations of Revenue Department. Sub Divisional Magistrate of the respective State have power to accept the applications and issue Residence Certificate to the applicants.

Where to Apply for Residence Certificate?

  • Applications can be submitted to office of Local Authority i.e. Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • Tehsildar’s Office
  • Revenue Department
  • District Collector’s Office
  • Any other Authority specified in State/ UT of concerned area.

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Who can Apply For Residence Certificate-

  • Every Person who is citizen of India.
  • Person who wants the Residence Certificate can apply to the issuing Authority of that respective area where he resides.

He should fulfill any of the following condition-

  • Applicant should be resident of that district
  • Applicant’s home should be in that district.
  • Applicant must residing in the state/ district for 15 years or more.

Procedure to Apply For Residence Certificate Online-

Applicants have to submit application form requesting for issuance of Domicile Certificate at the office of aforesaid competent authority.
Online Services are also provided by Government through various centers like Common Service Center (CSC), E- District, E- sampark, Pragya Kendra etc.

List of Documents required for Residence/ Domicile Certificate-

  • Application Form in which application is to be made.
  • For Address proof- Copy of Ration Card/ Copy of Voter Card/Name in Voter List
  • Self Attested Certificate.
  • For Identity Proof, PAN/Passport/Driving License/ Voters Card etc. can be produced.

Time Period– Time period is different in every state and fixed by the authority of that state.

Validity of Residence Certificate– Domicile Certificate is valid for particular period. After that applicant need to renew or update the same. Validity period can vary from state to state.

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