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By | November 21, 2016

Marriage Certificate in Pondicherry |  Marriage Certificate Registration in Pondicherry: Marriage Certificate is issued by the Marriage Registrar under the Government of Pondicherry. You can Download Application Form for Marriage Certificate through the website of Pondicherry Government. You can  Apply for Marriage Registration, Check Status of Your Marriage Certificate, Necessary Documents, Court Marriage Procedure and Fee Details through the same website of Pondicherry government.

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Concerned Department– Municipality of Pondicherry
Concerned Authority– Registrar/ Sub-Registrar
Address– Marriage Registrar/ Sub Registrar in District Head Quarter of Pondicherry

Marriage shall be solemnized after 10 days from the publication of ban.

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate in Pondicherry-

  • Application form
  • Extract of Birth Registration of both parties Bride and Bridegroom

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» How to Download Application Form for Marriage Registration

There are two types of marriages performed in the Pondicherry.

A. Civil Marriage
B.Declaration Marriage

A. Civil Marriage-

Marriage Registration for Renoncant Indians– Persons or Families who obtained family name during the French Regime, may register their marriage if the bride is of minimum 15 years and  bridegroom’s age is not more than 18 years, with the consents of their parents and Law Department Permission.

Marriage Registration for French Nationality– French National may register the marriage in-spite of bride and bridegroom has completed the 15 years and 18 years of age  respectively. With this Bachelors certificate obtained from French Embassy at Pondicherry is to be submitted.
Marriage Registration under Indian Marriage- If bride and bridegrooms age is 21 years then consult of parents is not required.

Declaration Marriage-

Marriage which are held at the temples, Kalyanamandap/ other places can be registered as declaration marriages.
In case, both parties have completed the age of 21 years, can register their marriage after obtaining the progidar certificate which are held at Kalyanamandap/ Temples. In this situation, no need of any witness.

Time Period for Marriage Certificate in Pondicherry-

  • Civil Marriage- 11 Days
  • Within Local Bodies Jurisdiction- 15 Days
  • Resident of Concerned Local Body has married out side the Union territory- 90 Days

Fee for Marriage Certificate in Pondicherry-

  • Application in prescribed form- Rs. 1/-
  • Each copy marriage certificate will cost Rs. 25/-
  • Family Book- Rs. 50/-

Application for marriage filled in prescribed form with name and address of bridegroom and bride, their signature, signature of 3 attesting witness present at the time of marriage along with their names and address.

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