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Marriage Certificate is official certificate of two person’s tied in marriage. Marriage Certificate is proof of registration of marriage. It is record of their legal marriage and issued by Government on registration of marriage by the respective persons. Registration of marriage is necessary to establish legal proof of marriage. Without Registration, marriage certificate can’t be obtained.

The “Marriage” includes all marriages solemnized contracted between a male and a female, irrespective of the religion or caste of either party to the marriage and also includes marriages performed as per law, custom, practice or any tradition of either party to the marriage and includes a remarriage.

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Benefits of Marriage Registration-

  • In case, it is needed to prove that you are legally married to someone. Marriage certificate is legal proof of marriage.
  • Provides valuable Evidence of Marriage
  • Marriage certificate is useful in getting Visa for Wife/Husband.
  • Helps in claiming Bank deposits or Life Insurance Benefits in case of death of depositee or Insurer dies without making nomination.

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Eligibility Criteria-

Marriage must be legal. In India, to get married the minimum age limit is –
For Males- 21 Years
For Females- 18 Years

Who Can Apply for  Marriage Certificate-

A Marriage which has already been solemnised can be registered under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and Special Marriage Act 1954. Parties to marriage can Apply for Marriage Certificate.

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Authority to Issue the Marriage Certificate-

Local Authority- Local Authority means Gram Panchayat or Municipality or Municipal Corporation, have authority to issue Marriage Certificate.
For this, marriage shall be registered with Registrar- General Marriages, India.

Sub Registrar who registers the immovable property is also Marriage Officer. Their offices are located in Taluk Head Quarters or district head quarters.

Under Special marriage Act 1954, Bridegroom and Bride should give notice of marriage before 30 days of marriage.

Procedure to Get the Marriage Certificate-

On registration of marriage, certificate declaring that person’s name specified in are married, will be issued. Marriage can be registered under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or Special Marriage Act 1954.

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