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By | September 1, 2016

Lost Birth Certificate – Apply for Duplicate Copy Online: Birth Certificate is an important document for the Identity proof and nationality of child. It can be obtained from the concerned Municipality office. It the duty of person-in-charge to inform the Registrar about the birth taken place.

Apply for Birth Certificate

New Born Baby Birth Certificate- Apply & Download

Registration of birth should be made within 21 days of birth. No fee will be charged, if registration is made within 21 days, after that a nominal fee will be charged. On registration, Birth Certificate is issued. In case, applicant has lost, torn, misplaced the certificate then he can obtain duplicate certificate from the Registrar of Birth and Death.

To get duplicate certificate, visit to the Municipality/ Municipal Council or Corporation of the area where name of the child is registered and make application to request the authority for issuance of duplicate copy. Reason of obtaining duplicate copy should be mention in application.

Online Birth Certificate Application Form- Download

Change Name In Birth Certificate- Online

Procedure to apply for Duplicate Certificate is as-

  • Step 1- Firstly, visit to the concerned Municipality/ Municipal Council or Corporation.
  • Step 2- Obtain the Application form for Duplicate copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Step 3- Fill the application form in prescribed format. Applicant has to enter all birth related details such as First and Last name of applicant, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.
  • Step 4- For Duplicate Certificate, applicant have to pay nominal amount of fee. Such amount of fee is prescribed by State Government and can be differ form one state to another.
  • Step 5- After processing of application, certificate will be delivered to him either by post or he has to collect the same from the concerned office.

In some states, applicant can obtain duplicate copy of certificate by payment of nominal fee only. He need not to follow such application procedure.

Such Copy of Certificate will be valid like original certificate. Tentative time period for issuance of Birth Certificate is 10 to 15 days.

Fee for Birth Certificate

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Apply for Duplicate Birth Certificate Online

You can also Apply for Duplicate Copy of Birth Certificate through the official website of concerned authority. However the facility has been provided by a few states in India. You can check your state’s website for more information.

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      1. Manju chhetija

        Dear sir,
        I want copy of birth certificate with stamped.pls suggest.

      2. Usha

        I want my birth certificate
        Was born in lonavala
        Duplicate certificate

  1. Ranjith D

    How do I get my birth certificate,i was born in 1996 ,can I get it now what’s the procedure.?

  2. jasmine rosy

    i have lost my birth certificate kindly requested to u give me new certificate ..

  3. uttam halder

    my parents name- manoranjan halder/minati halder. bornplace tarakasharhospital. time5am I want to details my birthcertificate.

  4. Neha Agrawal

    Apply for duplicate birth certificate of Aaradhya Agrawal and Samiksha Agrawald/o Amit Agrawal,Sakti,District -Janjgir Champs,Chattisgarh

  5. Suraj Malpani

    I was born in Delhi on 13/10/1991, the hospital had issued my parents a small document regarding my birth details, the hospital did not inform the same to municipal corporation. Even my parents did not inform municipal corporation about my birth.
    Now we have lost that small document issued by hospital and my birth records are unavailable with both the corporation and hospital.
    What can I do to get my birth registered? amd obtain a birth certificate

  6. Vikram chandra Das

    My birth certificate is lost in 2014.
    So,please give me duplicate birh citificate.

  7. T.Annamalai reddy

    respected sir my son damodar annamalai reddy his birth birth certificate lost he is studied mentally reitared school kalyan near fire brigade his birrth date 18’6’1986 kindly issue duplicate certificate please

  8. annamalaireddy

    respected sir my son damodar annamalai reddy his birth birth certificate lost he is studied mentally reitared school kalyan near fire brigade his birrth date 18’6’1986 kindly issue duplicate certificate please

  9. shalini kumari kehri

    Hello Sir, I SHALINI KESHRI was born on 7 December 1990, in kolkata, hospital had issued a small document but has not registered it also now it is closed, my parents also did not got it registered. I recide in Jharkhand , Dhanbad and has all residential and required proof of it. How should i get my birth certificate now?

  10. Jeevapriya

    I was born on 26.12.1998. But still now I didn’t get my birth certificate. How to get plsssssss help me sir.

  11. baby thappa

    I have lost my birth certificate ,how can I applying again birth certificate

  12. C.jayalakshmi

    son birth 19.02.2014 time 11.40 am Mettur GH pls give copy certificate sir


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