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Income Certificate– Income Certificate is a document that certify the income of a person. It is proof of one’s income. It is issued by State Government to its citizens. Citizens required Income Certificate, can obtain from the respective authority. Income Certificate is a certification provided to citizen by Government confirming and testifying annual income. It is proof of expected annual income of citizen from different sources. It is used for legal and official purpose. It is valid for specific period of time. After that, it gets expired. Generally, this period is 6 months but it depends on every State Government.

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Uses of Income Certificate.

In following cases, Income Certificate is required to be produced by applicant.

  • To receive financial assistance from various background class Cooperation’s of Government
  • For getting admissions in educational institutions from the reserved quota meant for that class
  • For entitlement to get Govt. plots of lands/flats
  • For getting benefit of various social benefit schemes declared by the Govt. from time to time

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Why Income Certificate is issued?

It is proof of income of family from all the sources. Sometimes, it is required to prove the annual income of family such as to avail the Government Grant or facilities given to specified income group of society. It can be obtained by respective person by apply in prescribed way. Certificate is given after verification of details and particulars of applicant.

Who Issues Income Certificate?

It is responsibility of Revenue or Collectorate Department to issue Income Certificate. Generally, Income Certificate is issued by authorities like Tehsildar or Deputy Commissioner at district level.
Person wants to get issued Income Certificate, can apply to these authorities of concerned area.

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