Why Birth Certificate is Required

By | September 1, 2016

Why Birth Certificate is Required: Birth Certificate is an essential document that is required for various purposes like-

  • For Admission to Schools
  • To Get Aadhar Card
  • For entry in Family Ration Card
  • For Obtaining the driving license and proofing age for it
  • For making Insurance Policy
  • For Passport Application
  • For Obtaining Visa

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  • For Obtaining Voter Card or Right to Vote
  • For Entry in Government Service.
  • For transfer of property to heir.
  • For enroll of ration card as age proof.
  • For Recruitment in Armed forces and Militiary Services
  • Admission to government, semi-government and private services.
  • To Prove Domicile (Citizenship) or Nationality.
  • Claiming Social Security Benefits under Health schemes, pensions and other welfare schemes.
  • To avail the protection of law – especially to the children committing an offense before attaining the age of 18 years.

Other purposes where maximum or minimum age limits are prescribed.

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Role of functionaries in Birth Registration-

  1. National Level- Registrar General of India or Deputy Registrar General
  2. State Level- Chief Registrar or Additional Chief Registrar
  3. District Level- District Registrar, Additional District Registrar
  4. Peripheral Level- Registrar/ Sub Registrar

Who Can Apply For the Birth Certificate-

Person born in India is eligible to get the Birth Certificate. For Birth Certificate, Parents or Guardian of the Child i.e. Head of the family or oldest person of the family, nearest relative of the head of house, Medical Officer (In case of birth is taken in Hospital) can apply.

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Persons required to Register Birth-

  • (I) Birth take place in House- Head of house or nearest relative of the head of the house or oldest person in the family.
  • (II) When the Birth/Death was taken place outside the house-
  • (III) In Hospital/ Health Center, Maternity Home or other institution- Medical Officer In charge or any officer authorised by him.
  • (IV) If in Jail- Jail Incharge
  • (V) In a Hospital, Dhramshala, Boarding House- Person Incharge
  • (VI) In a Moving Vehicle- Person Incharge of Vehicle
  • (VII) Found deserted in a public place- Headman of the Village/Incharge of the local police station

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