Birth Certificate Online – For New Born Baby

By | August 30, 2016

Birth Certificate Online For New Born Baby- Birth Certificate is proof of birth. It works as an identity proof which is used for various purposes such as for obtaining Aadhar Card, for addition of newly born child in Ration Card, applying for Passport, Driving License, Voter Card etc. Birth Certificate contains details relating to birth such as Date, Time and Place of Birth. Service of issuing Birth Certificate is offered by Government of India. Generally, Municipal Authority is authorised for issuance of Birth Certificate.

How to Register For Birth Certificate

Registration of Birth is done as per regulations of Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969. Application can be done online as well as offline. To obtain Birth Certificate, Birth shall be registered within 21 days from the date of birth. In case baby is born at home, Head of Family and nearest relative of head of family can inform to the Registrar for the birth taken place. Head of family can be Parents, Guardian, Oldest Person in family etc. In case of birth of new born baby taken place in Hospital then respective Medical Officer can give information of such event to Registrar.

Such information is to be given in prescribed application form or application on plain paper. In case of birth at hospital, application form can be obtained from the hospital otherwise applicant can get same from the district registrar.

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Documents For Birth Registration

Various documents such as Affidavit, proof of birth is to be attached and submitted along with filled application form. After submission, police verification will be done.

Police will do verification of facts by visiting to hospital or from the neighbors and submit his report to Registrar. After that, Registrar will issue Birth Certificate.

Birth Certificate can be obtained free of cost if registration is made within 21 days. If Registration is not done within 21 days, still then applicant can get birth certificate by applying to Registrar with the payment of late fee. Birth Certificate is required for admission of child in Schools.

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Use Of Birth Certificate

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