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By | September 6, 2016

Birth Certificate Online- Delhi: Get Birth Certificate in Delhi, Apply Online– Birth Certificate is issued by the State Government in Delhi. You can Download Application Form for Birth Certificate through the website of Delhi. government or Registrar of Birth & Death.

Birth Certificate Issuing Authority In Delhi

Directorate of Economics & Statistics Office of Chief Registrar (Births & Deaths)
Address- 3rd Floor, B Block, Vikash Bhawan-II, Near Metcalf House,Bela Road, Delhi – 110054.Telephone No. 23812841,23812851.Fax No. 23812851

In Delhi, Local Bodies have authority to issue Birth Certificate.There are different centers of each local bodies in Delhi for such registration. Details of the centers are-

MCD- 188 Centers out of which

  • Urban- 137 Centers
  • Rural- 51 Centers

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Registration of Births occurring at home

  • In urban area – Vaccination Center Located in that area.
  • In Rural Area- By Vaccinates or Para Medical staff.

Registration of Birth occurring in Hospital/ Nursing Home- Zonal Office of MCD.

IN N.D.M.C.- 9 Centers

  • Registration of Birth where institutional or domiciliary is being done at the Vaccination Centre located in the NDMC area.
  • Delhi Cantt. (1 Center)- At the Registration Center located in Cantt. General Hospital.
  • Case of Moving Vehicle- At the Registration center of the area of first place of halt of the vehicle.

Persons required to Register Birth-

(I) Birth take place in House- Head of house or nearest relative of the head of the house or oldest person in the family.

(II) When the Birth/Death was taken place outside the house-

(III) In Hospital/ Health Center, Maternity Home or other institution- Medical Officer Incharge or any officer authoirsed by him.

(IV) If in Jail- Jail Incharge

(V) In a Hospital, Dhramshala, Boarding House- Person Incharge

(VI) In a Moving Vehicle- Person Incharge of Vehicle

(VII) Found deserted in a public place- Headman of the Village/Incharge of the local police station

Required Documents For Birth Certificate In Delhi

  1. Application On Plain Paper
  2. Proof of Birth/Death of the person in respect of whom certificate is required.
  3. Affidavit specfifying place,date and time of birth of a person. Performa of Affidavit can be downloaded from the here-
  4. Copy of Ration Card
  5. School Leaving Certificate if any, showing date of birth
  6. These documents should be attested by Gazatted Officer.

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Birth Certificate Fee For Birth Certificate in Delhi

  • Registration is made within 21 days- Nil
  • Registration is made After 21 days but within 30 days of its occurrence- Rs. 2/- .
  • Registration is made after 1 month but within 1 year of occurrence- Rs. 5/-
  • Registration after 1 year of occurrence of event- Rs. 10/-
  • Fee for obtaining the copies of Certificate is Rs. 15/- per copy plus service charge of Rs. 5/-.

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