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By | September 4, 2016

Birth Certificate Online- Chhattisgarh: Get Birth Certificate in Chhatisgarh, Apply Online– Birth Certificate is issued by the State Government in Chhatisgarh. You can Download Application Form for Birth Certificate through the website of Chhatisgarh. government or Registrar of Birth & Death.

To apply for a Birth Certificate, you must first register the birth. The birth has to be registered with the concerned local authorities within 21 days of its occurrence, by filling up the form prescribed by the Registrar. Birth Certificate is then issued after verification with the actual records of the concerned hospital.

In case the birth has not been registered within the specified time of its occurrence, the certificate is issued after due police verification ordered by the revenue authorities.

Birth Certificate Issuing Authority In Chhattisgarh

Rural- Local Thane Incharge (Police Station)

Urban- Registrar, Birth and Death, Local Municipal Office


Required Documents For Birth Chhattisgarh

In the case, child is born at home, Parents need to submit affidavit or written documents from parshad/ Sarpanch and If the child is born at hospital, then applicant will submit discharge slip that contains all birth related data.

How To Apply For Birth Certificate

It is essential in the event of the birth of a child that either family members or relatives report the same in the prescribed form, within 21 days, to the local

authorities. In case a birth is reported after 21 days, but before 1 year from the date of th

e same, then it is required to be reported to the Distr

ict Planning and Statistical Officer through proper

channel. If it has not been reported for more than 1 year, due permission is required from a first class magistrate to get the certificate issued by the local authorities.

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